LSM epublications have these features:

  • Scripture references are hyperlinked to The Electronic Edition of the Holy Bible Recovery Version (see Recovery Version Hyperlinks)
  • Viewable across various computing platforms (see iSilo Platforms)
  • Fully searchable
  • Permission to copy and paste portions into user documents
  • Secured by a single user registration code that opens all LSM epublications purchased by the user (see Registration Codes)
  • Licensed for use on any and all devices that the registered user has (see Registration Codes)
  • New publications to be added regularly. (see Available ePublications)

Try a Free Sample

We offer a small, seven-chapter excerpt from Life-Study of Matthew, called "The King's Antecedents and Status," as a sample epublication for you to try for free. Please download this file to the device or computer where you have the iSilo reader already installed. (Get a 30-day trial copy of the iSilo readeriSilo Site Opens in New Window.) If you already own The SElectronic Edition of the Holy Bible Recovery Version, make sure you place this sample file in the same folder as the Holy Bible file. The hyperlinks in the sample file should take you to the Scripture passages in the Holy Bible, and you should be able to get back to the sample file from the Holy Bible by hitting the Back button in the iSilo reader.

Download Download Free Sample
The King's Antecedents and Status