Getting Started

  • Install iSilo reader:
    • In order to view LSM ePublications for iSilo, your device must be compatible with the iSilo reader application (sold separately at, and you must have downloaded and installed the iSilo reader application on to your device (phone, smartphone, PDA, personal computer, Internet tablet, etc.).
      Please note that if your device does not support iSilo, you will not be able to open the epublications you have purchased.
    • Please ensure that you have purchased, downloaded, and installed the iSiloTM reader ( on your electronic device before purchasing epublications from this site.

  • Create an account on LSM’s ePublication website:
    • Create an account here if you do not already have one.

Getting ePubs for iSilo

  • Purchase ePublications for iSilo:
    1. Log on to your account at, and select the “Purchase ePublications” link in the left hand pane.
    2. Select the publication(s) that you wish to purchase, and click on the “Submit” button at the bottom of the page.
    3. Follow the onscreen instructions for completing your purchase.
      Please note: The receipt for your purchase will contain your registration/unlock code for the product(s) that you have purchased. Your one code will unlock all the epublications you purchase from this site.

  • Download and view ePublications for iSilo:
    1. While logged on to your account, select the “Get My ePublications” link in the left hand pane, and download the publication(s) that you have purchased to a location you will remember by selecting the links listed on the screen.
      Please note that not all smartphone or Internet tablet browsers are able to download files directly from our website. We recommend that you download the files first to a PC or Mac and then transfer the files to your device.
    2. If you downloaded the purchased documents onto a device (i.e., a PC or Mac) other than the one on which you intend to use them, you can transfer the documents from your computer to your device by the following instructions available on the iSiloTM website (
    3. After transferring the purchased files to your device, open them through the iSiloTM reader, and at the prompt enter the registration code that you received when you purchased your epublications.