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eBooks for iSilo

As of December, 2020, Living Stream Ministry (LSM) discontinued support for iSilo. Customers who have purchased LSM ebooks for iSilo in the past will continue to have access to those publications through this website. Please see our FAQ for more information.

Before submitting a request, please read through the following solutions to common problems and frequently asked questions.

Solutions to Common Problems

I am having trouble with:

  • Downloading My Purchased eBook(s)

    For instructions on downloading and using your ebooks, please sign in to your account and read through Using My eBooks under My Account.

  • Obtaining My Registration Code

    Each account has a unique registration code to unlock all the ebooks purchased through that account. Once an ebook has been downloaded onto an iSilo-supported device, it can be unlocked using this unique registration code.

    In order to obtain a copy of your registration code:

    1. Sign in to your account
    2. Select My Registration Code under My Account on the top menu to view your registration code and have a copy sent to your email.
  • Linking to the Electronic Edition of the Holy Bible Recovery Version (EEHBRV)

    To take advantage of the linking feature from our ebooks to the EEHBRV, you will need to:

    1. Verify that the ebook file that you wish to link and the EEHBRV are in the same directory (folder).
    2. Verify that the EEHBRV file is named "Holy Bible Recovery Version.pdb" and NOT "Holy_Bible_Recovery_Version.pdb" or any other alternative.
  • Registration Code for the Electronic Edition of the Holy Bible Recovery Version (EEHBRV)

    First verify you have the upgraded version titled "Holy Bible Recovery Version.pdb". If you have the correct file the problem you have encountered may be due to one of four reasons:

    1. You may be using your iSilo™ registration code to unlock the EEHBRV.
    2. You may be using your new registration code (provided from this site) on an older copy of the EEHBRV file.
    3. You may be using an old registration code on the new copy of the EEHBRV file.
    4. You may be entering your new registration code in the new file with trailing spaces.

    In order to ensure that you are using the right code with the right file please do the following:

    1. Sign in to your account and click on My Registration Code under My Account on the top menu. There you will see your current registration code for all your ebook purchases.
    2. Delete all previous versions of the EEHBRV file from your device. (We recommend that you do this manually. If you download the new file expecting it to overwrite the old one, this may not work.) If you are using an iPhoneOS device (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch), you may need to delete the old file through a computer (please see
    3. Download the new file by Signing in to your account, clicking on Get My eBooks under My Account on the top menu, and clicking on the "Holy Bible Recovery Version.pdb" link. Please note that not all mobile devices are able to download files directly from our website. You may need to download the file to a computer (PC or MAC) and then transfer the file to your device. For further help and instructions see Using My eBooks under My Account or use the help page on the iSilo website at:
    4. After the new file has been transferred to your device, open the new document in iSilo™ and use the registration code obtained in step 1 to unlock the Bible, ensuring that there are no trailing spaces when the code is entered (copying and pasting the code directly may help).

Questions Regarding Discontinuation of eBooks for iSilo

Frequently Asked Questions