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About Your Registration Code

Every LSM ministry epublication that you purchase is unlocked by your one registration code, which will be issued to you when you purchase your first ministry epublication. Your registration code is tied only to the files that you purchase and download from our site. Your code will not unlock files that you receive from others apart from our site.

We have adopted a one-code security system so that multiple documents can be unlocked quickly and so that our users will not have to keep track of a different code for every epublication they purchase. Generally, the registration code has to be entered only once for an epublication, when the epublication is first opened. But if the epublication is moved to a different folder or to a different device, the iSilo reader will prompt the user for the registration code. We strongly suggest that users store a copy of their registration code in the same folder where they store their epublications, in case they are prompted to re-enter their code at a later time.

Each epublication you purchase is licensed to the user, not to a particular device. Thus, the licensed user can enjoy the epublication on any and all devices that he or she uses. The license is not transferrable and cannot be used by others (spouse, family member, friend, or other).

When updated files are copied directly over old files, the user should not be prompted for a registration code. But if the user is prompted for a code, the same registration code will work on the new files.

Your registration code can be sent to you by email at any time by logging into your user account and requesting that the code be emailed to you. Usually, your code will be delivered in minutes, but due to variations in email systems worldwide, delivery times may vary.