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About iSilo™ Computing Platforms

LSM's ministry epublications are readable using the iSilo™ document reader.* The iSilo reader is available for a large number of platforms, including most handheld devices, Windows® PCs, and most Apple® devices. Please see www.isilo.com for a complete list of devices which the iSilo readers works on. If your device can run the iSilo reader, all LSM epublications will work on your device.

We recommend that you download a 30-day trial copy of the iSilo readeriSilo Site Opens in New Window to make sure it is compatible with your device before purchasing and downloading LSM's epublications. If you are able to open and read the sample documents that are installed with the trial version of iSilo, you will be able to open and read all of LSM's epublications.

*Note: LSM's electronic publications can be viewed on any iSilo™ reader that is version 3.2 or above, but for best viewing results we highly recommend upgrading to at least version 4.28.